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Registration Information

1. New students must be from grades 9 to 11. Consideration may be given for new students from grades 8 and 12, upon review/recommendation by mentors and in consideration of our cap.

2. There are additional costs for competitions, world championships and off season events that are NOT included in the membership fee

3. In addition to payment, applications will not complete unless the required forms are completed and submitted to a mentor. These forms are available at the back of our student manual (Student Manual here, please READ before signing!)

- Completed Team Member Application

- Signed Assumption of Risk Waiver and Release of Claims (both parents to sign)

- Signed Minor Participant's Acknowledgement of Risk.

- Signed Competition Expectations

- Signed General Consent for Trips

4. A submitted registration does not guarantee a spot on the team. Our team has a cap on the total number of students. We will be receiving/reviewing student registration applications in the order we receive them in addition to the criteria we set out in the Student Handbook.

5. Online and in person Payment for the 2019-2020 season will also commence at the Open House on Sept 11 @ 6:30 pm at the Beaverbrook Library in Kanata

If these costs represent an undue financial hardship click here to find out about how we may be able to help


Membership is now Closed 

For more information or to be put on our waitlist please send an email to 


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